Office of Student Life

Social Change


How do I become a volunteer?

Check out the Get Involved section on our website to apply.

If I am a social work student, can I use Social Change as a placement opportunity?

Yes, but it is strongly encouraged to have volunteered with us before you begin your placement.

Will I earn service hours?

If you need to track various service hours we can assist you. However, Social Change is civic engagement so our hours in the community may take you beyond the required hours for your course or extracurricular hour requirement. Regardless, our expectation is that you will fully participate in our programming.

Where is the Department of Social Change located?

The George Wells Knight House, 104 E. 15th Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43201

What are the hours of operation?

9 a.m. -  5 p.m.

How will I be notified if I am selected to be a volunteer?

A Social Change Ambassador will contact you directly.

Is a background check required before volunteering?

Depending on the location, volunteers (mentors) may or may not be background checked.

How long is the volunteer commitment?

We ask that volunteers commit to at least one semester of service.

Do I have to come to every day of programming or can I come once a week?

We ask that volunteers commit to coming every day of programming to offer consistent mentorship to the program participants. We understand emergencies and unusual schedule conflicts happen, but as long as you are not missing excessively we would love to have you on board.

When are volunteers accepted?

Volunteers can apply year-round. However, most sites fill up at the beginning of the semester so there is a chance you could apply on our rolling basis and not receive a placement until the following semester.

How can I become a Social Change Ambassador?

Social Change uses an apprenticeship model to hire and select Social Change Ambassadors. New Social Change Ambassadors are outstanding volunteers, hand-chosen by current Ambassadors, who demonstrate dedication to the program and have a deep understanding of the programming and its goals. New Social Change Ambassadors must have at least one semester of volunteering with Social Change before being hired.

Is transportation to the program site provided or do I have to arrange my own transportation?

As long as you are able to leave and return to campus at the time set by the site leader, transportation is provided. Individuals who are not available when the prearranged transportation leaves, or who need to go somewhere other than the drop off spot post-programming, will be responsible for arranging their own transportation.

What if I only have weekend availability?

Great, we have programming all seven days of the week! Just know that committing to weekend programming means you are expected to show up for every single session of programming as we do not visit these sites as often as weekly programming.

What if I don’t want to volunteer on weekends?

We have programming all seven days of the week. View our programming to find a program and time that fits your interests and schedule.

Am I allowed to volunteer with more than one program?

Yes. We love having volunteers engaged on multiple levels. We only ask that you be sure that you are not trying to volunteer at programs with conflicting schedules and that you are able to commit that much time.

What if I cannot consistently volunteer weekly but still want to get involved?

See our events tab to learn about one-time events and volunteering opportunities.. Also look into Day in the Life of a Buckeye in the spring and apply to be a host for a high school student visiting campus.