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Black Male’s Leadership Course


Course Description:

Black Male Leadership and Civic Engagement


This course is focused on the identity development of college men and how leadership and service intersect with that experience and can be fostered.  This is a service learning course using the interdisciplinary scholarship investigating service-learning, critical whiteness, critical race theories, social justice, masculinities, sports, media, history, narratives, and politics and leadership methods.  This course will examine males’ diverse experiences and the traditional and emerging definitions of masculinities in the US.  The socially constructed images of men will be examined as well.  This course will challenge you and it will support you.  It will help you define and redefine for yourself what it means to be a man in contemporary America Society.


ESHESA 2570-0030 (35567)

Day/Time: Mondays 2:20p.m- 5:00pm

Location: Haggerty Hall 259

Description: Black Male Leadership and Civic Engagement

Instructor Permission (signed form given by instructor in order to enroll)


Get ready to go beyond the “barbershop” in this course. We will explore themes of history, popular culture, science, music, masculinity, service, leadership, relationships, careers, life after college and civic engagement.


Expect field experiences, speakers, and critical discussions, and food!


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