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Day in the Life of a Buckeye

Day in the Life of a Buckeye is a Student Life program, that Student Life Social Change is a proud partner of. This event offers an individualized experience for urban and Appalachian area high school students to experience life at The Ohio State University, and college in general, for a day. Currently enrolled undergraduate & graduate students are paired with a high school student based on their gender identity, intended major, and interest/hobbies. High School students who participate in Day in the Life are able to attend classes, interacting with faculty and staff, eating in campus-area dining facilities, visiting the library and recreational facilities, attending student group meetings, and seeing a residence hall room.

Due to a multitude of obstacles – some of these students who participate in this program believe that success is unattainable. The initial job of The Ohio State University mentors is to exemplify that they can be successful. The program focuses on the philosophy of education and desire; results in success. Ohio State students are also there to identify the potential pitfalls students can expect along the way (admissions, financial aid, etc.); and to share their own personal stories of overcoming adversity and the endless opportunities offered to them. They will stress the importance of receiving a high school diploma and continuing forward into higher education.

This event is usually held in March and applications will be open in early spring to participate.

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