Office of Student Life

Social Change

Volunteer Appreciation Celebration

The work of Social Change would not be possible without the hundreds of volunteers, donors, and community partners every year!

In an effort to create the extraordinary student experience and create a culture of appreciation, Social Change hosted its first annual Volunteer Appreciation Brunch in Spring of 2017, with plans to continue this new tradition in years to come. The Volunteer Appreciation Brunch is an event where Social Change Ambassadors, Mentors, donors, and community partners gather in fellowship. This event recognizes our most outstanding volunteers, donors, and community partner each year.

Social Change Ambassadors may nominate individuals for their impact in our schools, community and beyond across a series of recognition categories. Additionally, to honor the founder of Social Change, one Mentor is recognized for Dr. Patty’s Outstanding Service award. The recipient is a Mentor who shows outstanding dedication to their respective program in Social Change and continues to be dedicated to service and making a change beyond university involvement.