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Social Change

Urban Tech

 The Urban Tech program works to support individuals who are 18-60 year old who have a GED and an interest in the IT fields. This program provides a unique opportunity to jump-start their careers with skill development, as all are unemployed. Social Change helps to support the program by assisting in the recruitment process of facilitators and providing training and workshops on self-efficacy, resilience and other personal development topics.


First Session: August 14th, 2017-October 6th, 2017


Second Session: January 15th, 2018-March 9th, 2018


Location Address Distance driving from OSU Distance walking from OSU Distance taking the bus from OSU
The Columbus Urban League 788 Mount Vernon Ave Columbus, OH 43203 4 miles (13 minutes) 3.47 miles (71 minutes) 4.76 miles (30 minutes)