Office of Student Life

Social Change

A Day in the Life of a Buckeye

The Ohio State University Office of Student Life; Social Change, sponsors the annual “A Day in the Life of a Buckeye” (DITL) program.   

A Day in the Life of a Buckeye provides Urban and Appalachian area high school students an opportunity to experience life at The Ohio State University, for a day.  The intent is to expose students to the collegiate environment and encourage post-secondary pursuits.  Participants in grades 9-11 are eligible to apply.  Typical attendance is from 250-300 students.

This event, hosted by currently enrolled undergraduate & graduate students, includes attending classes, interacting with faculty and staff, dining on campus, visiting university facilities, attending student led workshops, and viewing a residence hall. 


Location Address Distance driving from OSU Distance walking from OSU Distance taking the bus from OSU
The Ohio State University; Ohio Union 1739 N. High St Columbus, OH 43210 .22 miles (2 minutes) .23 miles (4 minutes) .23 miles (4 minutes)