Office of Student Life

Social Change

Volunteer Commitment

Social Change volunteers, or mentors, are expected to commit to at least one semester or one year of service depending on the program. We pride ourselves in being the next step in the journey of community service, i.e. Civic Engagement.

Mentors play a critical role in honoring and valuing the diverse experiences of others by prioritizing inclusive and sustained relationships through knowledge sharing. With this model, we aim to challenge hierarchal systems of service and volunteerism by promoting humility and authenticity by investing in our communities.  Student Life Social Change had over 200 undergraduate, graduate, and professional student volunteering weekly (Monday- Sunday) for the Fall 2016 to Spring 2017 academic year in civic engagement work. Collectively Mentors committed 14, 900 hours across eight programs at 24 around the City of Columbus for 20 weeks.

Social Change prides itself on the committed students who invest in the next level of civic engagement through our programs. With this understanding, we recognize if we paid each of our Mentors our student Ambassador Employee wage of $10.00 an hour, for their time from Fall 2016 to Spring 2017 the value would equate to $149,000 dollars of student staff time.

The goal of a Social Change mentor is to become an active citizen. An active citizen is not only knowledgeable about systemic oppression and societal issues, but actively engaged in dismantling oppressive structures through personal values and life choices rooted in justice and equity.

In supporting the development of our mentors along the continuum (hyperlink), additional professional development workshops and sessions to expand knowledge, skills and passion for social change will be made available on the journey towards active citizenship. Mentors are encouraged to:

  • coordinate and attend community events in the neighborhoods we serve
  • attend and shadow committee meetings or board meetings with the coordinator or director
  • apply for the Social Change Social Entrepreneurship Capstone
  • lead and develop Buckeye Book Community workshops
  • apply to be Social Change Ambassador (following a semester in the program)
  • lead department informational sessions for future mentors
  • share stories by submitting blog posts, pictures or video testimonials to be posted on the department website, blog and social media accounts

Learn more about our programs, or, if you are ready to apply to volunteer here!

For additional questions about programs or volunteering please contact, La’Rez Wilson, Community Relations Coordinator, at